Brian Murtagh Charitable Trust
Supporting Children & Young Adults in the UK and around the world...

Welcome to the Brian Murtagh Charitable Trust

We are a family trust which makes grants to smaller charitable organisations with an income below £350,000 who support children and young adults in the UK and around the world that fall into the following areas of need: physical and learning disabilities, social disadvantage, education, poverty, sickness and trauma.

About the trust

The trust was set up in June 2004 and activated in late 2008. Its purpose to help those charitable organisations with a lower income of no more than £350,000 with a special interest in those smaller charities under £130,000. To keep within our terms of reference all these charities have to focus on supporting children and young adults who fall into the following areas of education, training and development for young adults and children with physical and learning disabilities, social disadvantage, poverty, sickness and trauma.

The trust is run by up to six trustees and only employs a quarterly minute-taker. It is not involved in fund raising and relies solely upon the income from its investments to make donations. The deed of charitable trust specifies the charitable purpose of the Trust and allows the Trustees absolute discretion to apply funds for the charitable purposes for which it is established. The trustees meet 4 times a year to decide on the grant applications.

The trustees aim to achieve a reasonable spread between UK and international Charities and not for-profit. If we donate to international Charities it is preferable that they have a registered UK arm to channel the donation. We can only accept applications from individuals under certain circumstances.


The application process has two steps. Step one contains all the necessary information to establish whether your organisation fits into the requirements set out by this Trust for you to be able to qualify for a grant. If it does, then proceed to Step two to complete an application form.

Step One

Please read through the following GUIDELINES carefully in Step one to make sure you fit into the requirements of the BMCT.

  • Your income must not be in excess of £350,000.
  • We will only consider applications from charities and Not for profits registered with the Charity Commission or Company House or charities that hold a Certificate of. Exemption from the Inland Revenue. International charities must supply the details of a UK registered charity through which grants can be channelled on their behalf.
  • No applications are accepted for overseas capital projects, but we will consider those for revenue only.
  • We do accept an application from individuals whose request is supported by a validated partner.
  • Your charitable purpose must be targeted to children and young adults who fall into the following criteria: Education and training for young adults and children with physical and learning disabilities, social disadvantage, poverty, sickness and trauma.
  • Your organisation needs to demonstrate that it is inclusive.
  • You agree that a minimum of 85% of the donation is restricted to the beneficiaries of that charitable organisation.

If your organisation meets the requirements, then go to Step 2 and complete theapplication form.

Step Two

Please complete and sign the application form. A copy of the completed form will be emailed directly back to you.

Complete an online application form

What Happens Next

The Trustee board meets 4 times a year. Once we receive all the relevant information one of our trustees may contact you to ask further questions. There may be a substantial lead in time between making an application and contact from ourselves. As a guide, the process can take up to 4 months and may take longer if we have subsequent questions after a meeting. However, due to the amount of applications we receive we cannot guarantee notification if your application has been unsuccessful.

If the board agrees to award you a grant they will contact within a month of the next meeting outlining the terms of the grant and our partnership arrangements. This will outline how the grant has been agreed to be used, communication and monitoring that we require.